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Friday, March 2, 2007

Teasing Song!

When downloading a song using a dialup connection:

The Song you want to download is shown of : 9.8 mb
And other Song that you already have on your computer is of: 2.7 mb

Priceless Wallpaper!

When Downloading a small resolution wallpaper from a website:
It asks you to first fill da following form before allowing you to download, saying that this form is just for confirming that you are a human not a computer software.

Your First name:
Your Middle name:
Your Second Last name:
Your Last name:
Your Fathers Name:
Your Mothers Name:
Your Brothers Name:
Your Sisters Name:

Your Age:

Your Date of Birth:

Email ID:

Phone No:


Credit Card Details:

Your Website Address:

From where did you heard about us:

Rate this Wallpaper:

Do you want to get update on this wallpaper:

Your comment:

Join Us:

Upload your photo:

Enter the word shown in this picture:

*all fields are required.

For an Orkut User

No Donut for You

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Downloading from mic rosoft

After downloading bulk of softwares from Mic when last download started, suddenly, a window pop up:

> your windows is not genuine
> noting down you IP, ISP, your user name
> sending the list to mic rosoft.

Pack 1 ; Courtsy - Ankit Mittal

  1. Gadhe ke poot yahan mat moot - on walls of delhi
  2. Advertisement on star TV - "Kya hoga Nimo Ka"
  3. 1 feb ko rail ka chakka Jaam,agar hamari mangein poori nahi hui --- in railway stations
  4. "orkut is deleting profiles again" - u know
  5. We've always done in that way. - when someone gets things going right for the very first time.
  6. Why arent people other than punjabis allowed to fly abroad.
    Dont agree; give me one name of a bollywood movie in which an NRI hero doesnt had his roots in punjab.
    And if you want to brag something patriotic it must be in punjabi accent. Always remember sunny deol.
  7. The power of sunny deol shown in movies - in one he manages 200 people n in other he kills a ghost. And the scope max ripping a man's hand off with a light pull.
    Boy wat a reputation.

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